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“By and For System Integrators” 

AEROSKOP Plug & Play HD Cameras & Network Based Digital Systems, Bringing future of High Quality, Easy to Install & Excellently Priced CCTV systems for You! Aeroskop is also young and vibrant company, with its current Headquarters in the European Union, just outside of Warsaw, Poland.  While we cannot stop being young, we can certainly build upon our extensive and complementary CCTV market experience with a fresh new product lineup that aims at exceeding the value-for-money expectations of the most demanding customer and/or installer.  Our products are high quality, sensibly priced and most of all easy to use, unencumbered by unnecessary functionality and gimmicks. 

We are passionate about CCTV systems and plugged in to our customers needs.  We are also an international and modern business that in time, once our new manufacturing site is up and running, will bring Aeroskop into CCTV’s industry top 10 by 2021.   

Much like our namesake tribute, (Aeroskop is the name of the world’s first handheld camera created by a Polish inventor); Aeroskop will revolutionise the CCTV market with a groundbreaking first of its kind security camera on android platform with on board analytics and full functional wireless technology by January 1st, 2021.