About Us

Who we are


We, at Aeroskop, are dedicated to providing you with premium-quality, easy-to-use security cameras and servers in Warsaw at prices that you can afford.


  • A Young Company with New Ideas

We’re a relatively young company in this industry, and that has enabled us to come up with fresh and innovative ideas for affordable and accessible security solutions. Our new and creative minds in this industry ensure that our products take quality, simplicity, and accessibility to unprecedented levels. The future is now, and every one of our products is the perfect representation of that.


  • Our Roots Are in Warsaw, Poland

As our dynamic company has its headquarters in Warsaw, Poland, we chose a company name that is rooted in Polish ingenuity. Kazimierz Prószyński, a Polish inventor from Warsaw, invented the world’s very first handheld camera called the Aeroscope, back in 1909.
Inspired by the brilliance of this man’s intellect and craftsmanship, we named our company of premium-quality CCTV and IP cameras manufacturers Aeroskop. Like Prószyński, we aspire to manufacture and supply cutting-edge technology to the public that can revolutionize and inspire users.


  • We Bring Premium-Quality Security to Everyone

When creating Aeroskop, we knew that supplying premium-quality security solutions was useless if only the rich could access them. Thus, we’re proud to say that we used innovative manufacturing processes to ensure that our products, be it CCTV and IP cameras, or servers, are available at market-competitive prices without compromising on quality.

So, pay less and get more out of your surveillance equipment!

  • Our Plans for the Future

At Aersokop, we aim to modernize and revolutionize the security market. By April 2021, we will provide highly efficient CCTV and IP cameras on the Android platform. The cameras will be embedded with fully functional wireless technology and precise onboard analytics.